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  • "The new site offers the important dual benefits of securing a true market value for private sellers whilst providing buyers with a risk-free level of security and assurance unheard of in the Internet used car sales market."

  • "Fair prices for sellers and the best service in the business for buyers looks set to give My Car Supermarket the winning edge over other sites and change the way we buy and sell used vehicles."

  • "I used the excellent car finder service after months of unsuccessful searching and expense. Brian found me a car within 4 days, on budget and to the spec I was looking for. Knowing the car had been independently inspected was the icing on the cake."

    Carol Lampston, Cheshire

My car history

Every vehicle for sale at My Car Supermarket is subject to a Hpi Check to ensure the vehicle has no outstanding finance, is not stolen and has not been identified as an insurance total loss.

You can be assured that My Car Supermarket do not offer total loss or stolen vehicles for sale. All vehicles for sale at My Car Supermarket have the V5 and service history present and checked.

Why check

Additionally, every year hundreds of thousands of cars are stolen and many find their way back into the market place. Unscrupulous sellers take the risk that most potential buyers do not do any checks, they just get carried away by a shiny car at a "bargain" price. If you buy a stolen car you will lose both the car and your money.

Every year around 500,000 cars are written-off by insurance companies. Many of these vehicles are repaired and returned to the road, but would you want to buy one? While some have only cosmetic damage which may be remedied by a re-spray or a new panel, others sustain major damage and require skilled repairs.